I am a person who remembers lots of dreams when I wake up. Lots of mine are scary and sad, but some are just weird. I know most people’s dreams are weird. I had one last night that didn’t fit my usual style, but I think it’s strange. After I tell you what it was, and it was really short and simple, I’m going to look it up online to see what the “meaning” is. I’m doing that just for kicks – I am not sure how I feel about those interpretations. I have seen some cases where they are 100% freaky close to matching what someone is currently going through and stuff, but sometimes, they’re just weird. Anyway, I basically dreamed that I have 7 fingers on each hand and 7 toes on each foot. When I looked at them, they looked normal, but when I counted, there were extra. I kept looking at them thinking ‘are there REALLY extra? because it doesn’t look weird to me’ but then I counted, and every time, there were 7. Then, someone told me about how they could be removed if they weren’t fully grown, and I noticed some of them were still smaller, so I had hope that I could have them removed to become normal again. Weird!

Okay, so I looked it up, and most things are about missing fingers instead of extra fingers, so who knows. But, it seems positive, so we’ll go with that.

Sheena’s done with this semester! Woo hoo! And Andy is graduating! And so is Brittany! Yay all around.

GOOD THING: Friday! I get off work in 1 hour!
BAD THING: nothing important