I won a $25 gift card today that is usable at four different restaurants. One of those is Longhorn, which is one of my very faves!!!

Today, all of the support staff at work went to a workshop. We do this every year. It’s usually pretty fun and nice to be away for the day, and the fact that they give away tons of door prizes doesn’t hurt!

Lots of things happened today that were really annoying to me, but I will not rant about them on here in detail. I already griped to Sheena about the food situations, so I’ll spare her especially. I will just say: I woke up very late but made it on time (first!), got screwed out of breakfast, the lunch was super unhealthy, and someone’s phone was making dying beeps from 8 AM-4PM. SO ANNOYING. The good part is that I got home before Brian still! I assumed it’d be closer to 5 before I got home. It was 4:11!

I think I’m going to have eggs and sausage for dinner! Brian is gone playing tennis with Casey right now, and I am unsure if I can wait on him or not. We’ll see! I am currently passing time by watching Wheel of Fortune and chatting with Sheena online. haha! I just gasped out loud at the TV because one girl came so close to the $1 million slot but got the Bankrupt!

I took Choxie for her longest walk with me ever today! It wasn’t very long, but it was better than nothing! It’s really a matter of me being able to make it, not her.

Choxie just dragged in a dead azalea bush from outside! She loves plants. She helps me pull weeds up, and she also likes to eat my houseplants and plants outside, too. Oooohhhh…she just made a big mess with broken sticks and dirt, but as long as I have a vaccum cleaner, I don’t mind. It’s much better than her eating my rug.

Brian’s here early! Gotta go!

GOOD THING: figured out something for dinner!
BAD THING: still gotta go to work the rest of the week!