I kind of forgot about blogging!

This past weekend, my parents came to visit! They came Saturday morning, and we took them on down to the lake. We had fun! Brian took us out for 2 boat rides. For the first ride, the boat was packed full! We had Brian, me, both my parents, both his parents and Choxie! Choxie loves boat rides now! She went from corner to corner to corner over and over again in the boat leaning way over to check everything out. She got all the way up on the side of the boat once and just sat there. My dad had to grab her off because the side of the boat is really slippery, the water was bumpy, and we were going like 40 miles an hour or something, she she didn’t need her first fall in experience to be at high speeds. She’d never get in the boat again! Anyway, Brian’s parents went home a little after that, and we went out for one more ride with just us and my parents. We took rides all the way up to the dam, which is way far away, and we took them by the pretty waterfall to check it out.

I think the little kids staying in daycare here have a visitor! I can hear them outside cheering and stuff, and I think there’s a policeman here visiting them. I can hear him talking to them with his loudspeaker and playing some little siren noises. Awww.

The weather is nasty again today! I’m so tired of rain. I feel bad for Choxie because she is in her crate today since it’s raining, and she’s too big for it. I think we will buy her a bigger one in a day or so. She can’t really sit up all the way in this one, and it’s hard for her to turn around inside. Maybe we can sell the smaller one, but we’ll probably just keep it.

I got some new shoes off Ebay! They are some Crocs, but not the nasty kind. They’re just like some my friend Kristi has at work, and hers are really cute, so hopefully, they’ll be cute for me, too. They’ll be good alternatives for flat brown shoes to wear to work, and they’ll be good for rainy days since they’re all plastic/rubber – whatever Crocs are. Now, I just have to wait on them to arrive! If they’re ugly, I might sell them to someone else on Ebay.

Brian has been doing a lot of work around the house lately. He bough us a new lawn mower and mowed the yard this week, replaced around 10 doorknobs to get rid of the ugly gold ones that didn’t match (we still have a few to do), and bought a new light fixture for our bathroom since half of it doesn’t work, but that job has proven itself difficult due to some stupid (previous) electrical work. He will have to work on it again because it couldn’t be figured out before bedtime last night. Also, we’ve cleaned up the back yard some, and Brian is going to work on our water garden soon. I’m probably leaving something out, but we’ve done some things lately! Brian’s a big help. He’s sweet.

I hurt my foot yesterday two times! That is after hurting the other one really bad over the weekend. Poor feet. I’ve kicked the crap out of a door, rolled my ankle and smashed the heck out of my toes until a chunk of skin came off. Ouch.

GOOD THING: fun lunch planned for today!
BAD THING: can’t decide if I should go to this thing tomorrow or not