fried eggs = good, fried hair = bad

This morning was pretty good. I actually woke up on time, which is rare these days. Awesome! Choxie was great because she slept until I woke up, which is awesome, too! I got some clothes on, straightened my hair and started on my makeup. I heard a noise outside, so I figured Dan was out there because he was coming today to get some azalea bushes we’re giving him! It was him, so I went outside to talk to him and let him know I was still at home. Choxie played with him, and she also took his Sharpie and ran all around the yard and our neighbors’ yard excited about her new found toy. I finally caught her, and we went to the backyard to put her up for the day, and there was one more plant in the back he wanted. Anyway, I told him I was about to leave, so I went inside and realized some of my hair was already curling back up. I decided to go back over that one section, and as soon as the flat iron hit my hair, it sizzled!!!! It sounded terrible, and I barely even put it on there. It didn’t stay very long. Then, I noticed how the bathroom smelled like an electrical fire/issue. I unplugged the flat iron as fast as I could. I sniffed the outlet, and it smelled wrong, so I was pretty much just hoping there wasn’t a fire in the wall. The flat iron itself also smelled. I waited a few minutes and smelled everywhere again, and that is when I felt better because the outlet didn’t smell anymore – just the flat iron, so I was pretty confident that my house wouldn’t burn down. That would be TERRIBLE! The second worse thing after that is that I was expecting that whole section of my hair to break off, leaving me with 1 inch of hair there. So far, that hair feels like sticks and is all weird, but it’s pretty strong still. I’ve tugged at some of it all day, and it doesn’t readily break, so that’s good. I think there is hope. Tonight, I’m going to use some deep conditioning stuff on it, and I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I will tell her about what happened and see if she thinks she needs to do anything to it. I won’t let her straighten it there, though, for sure! I will have to steer clear from that area for a longgg time.

That might not be that interesting, but that was my morning. The good part is that I’m pretty sure my house is still standing, and Dan & Carrie got 7 free azalea bushes from us! I might be getting some lilies from them in the future. That makes me feel funny to be an adult with my own house and yard and swapping plants with friends. haha! It’s fun.

Last night, Brian and I met Dan & Carrie and Jamie & Alec for Mexican like old times! It was really fun. Alec is hilarious, and we told lots of stories. They’re moving to Huntsville very soon, so that was probably the last time we will ever meet them at Sabor Latino for dinner!

Today at work, we’ve told tons and tons of ghost stories. Lots of people around here have their own experiences or have close friends with experiences, so those are very believable! I trust all these people to not be crazy or make this stuff up. Kristi and I are especially excited about all the stories. She’s my ghost buddy at work! Sheena’s my ghost buddy outside of work! too bad Sheena couldn’t have been here today.

Tonight is TV night, and it will be great! It’s the season finale of lots of shows, which is sad, but they should be good at least. Brittany promised (Scout’s honor) that she is coming tonight with Ryan, so she better do it, or else! We haven’t seen her in so long. We’ll have fun! Maybe we can play a game or something after the shows are over.

I think we will go this afternoon and get Choxie a new crate and collar! She’s growing so much that she needs new things! On the subject of Choxie, she has been an angel this week after being so bad Saturday and Monday. We pretty much know that we need to give her exercise one way or another every day, or she will start acting up. I don’t blame her. It’d have to be so awful just sitting around all the time! Thank goodness the weather has been better this week so she can play outside. I get cabin fever, too! Oh – however, she did finish off my favorite houseplant this morning by eating the last 3 leaves, but that’s okay. After she ate the first few, the plant looked too dumb anyway, so I kind of didn’t try to stop her THAT much. I hope she enjoyed it, because the whole plant is gone now!

Is anyone else excited about the upcoming Manchester Orchestra concert?!?!?! Woo hoo! It will be awesome.

GOOD THING: house didn’t burn down today
BAD THING: gotta clean after work and shop a little for dinner, drinks and dog items