After lots of slow weeks at work, summer is now well underway, and fall preparation has finally kicked in. I am now so busy I can’t keep up! Surely it will slow down soon enough. This is the busiest time of the year for me; that’s for sure.

Choxie has been kind of wild the past few days. It is starting to get annoying, but at least she sleeps through the whole night now.

Sunday, we had a street meeting so everyone could get to know each other since there are several houses on our street with fairly new inhabitants. The meeting was pretty funny, and everyone seemed nice. We decided to have a street-wide yard sale in August, and I’m excited about it. Later that evening, we’re all going to get together for a street party literally in the street since we’re going to block both ends of our road. Brian and I are in charge of putting up one particular yard sale sign and hanging balloons on it. There were so many people that none of us have to do much at all, and that is awesome. We also found out that we have some super hilarious neighbors, and that is great! I really like this one couple that we finally officially met. Maybe we can all hang sometime!

Oh yeah! I totally went to The InnerChange, a church in McCalla Sunday for a program I’m in (or was, because Sunday was the last meeting). Anyway, that church is awesome, and I am going to go back sometime. You should come with me!

We also went to the movies with the Pattons on Saturday to see Brothers Bloom. I loved it! It was nice because I don’t remember ever seeing a trailer for the movie, so I didn’t have a clue what to expect. That made the whole movie so much better, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve liked it a lot either way.

That’s enough.

GOOD THING: excited about Dr. Matthew Sleeth coming to speak at Trinity in August
BAD THING: never enough time in the day