Peanut Butter

YUM. This picture is tiny, but these cookies are the bomb. They’re Back to Nature peanut butter cookies. They have no cholesterol, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oil, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors! That doesn’t mean they’re awesome for you, but those things have to count for something. Try them! I got mine at Publix, but I’m sure they’re at other places. I shared my whole box today at work until they ran out. Sad times!

We love this milk, too!

Milk from a carton tastes good, too. Everyone learned that in kindergarten. I have to say that this brand is good, too, in Sheena’s defense:

I would suggests lots of these products put together for one super sweet snack time.

Oh yeah – tomorrow’s Thursday, and that means it’s TV night!

GOOD THING: Brian bought some stuff to finish his bird feeder project.
BAD THING: My knee bothered me all day today, so I didn’t go on a walk tonight. Boo.