As you may have noticed, I’m trying to remember to blog again since I forgot for so long. I should have plenty to say, but I’m really trying to not turn this into a pregnancy blog. Oh! I actually haven’t even mentioned that yet, soooo I’m pregnant! You already knew that, though. The due date is January 14, 2012, but we’ll see when she or he decides to show up.

We went to the lake Friday afternoon and came back Saturday evening at 8. Our friends Daniel & Crystal came with their Great Dane, Apollo, and we all had good times. I am very, very tired, though.

This time, Brian found and later killed a water moccasin! It was hiding in an old shoe in the boat house, so it never would have bothered us, but since we found it, that sucker is history.

While we were gone, our next door neighbors killed a copperhead in their front yard at night! I have definitely had my fill of snakes this year. Could they please go away?!

Choxie has met 5 dogs in the last week that she has never seen before, and she loves them all! She didn’t quite know what to think of the Great Dane, but they definitely got along. She was a little scared of him because he is about 5 times bigger than her. Speaking of new dogs – when we got home today, she ran directly to the fence in our backyard to look for her other buddies she made on Friday. They weren’t there, but she’ll see them soon, I’m sure.

I don’t like bathing really, even though I do (don’t worry), but I do love showering at my own house with my own soaps and such after being gone and getting dirty. It feels so good! I also cannot wait to sleep in my bed tonight. 🙂

GOOD THING: Everyone was safe at the lake.
BAD THING: probably ate way too much crap this wekeend again, but that’s ok, I guess