Thanksgiving will be at my house again. I hope it’s fun! I know it will be delicious. I am going to be a professional turkey and dressing cook after 2 years in a row! I was going to go visit my family, but my cousin decided to have a baby shower the Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend. I thought this rare event was more important than Thanksgiving for this one year, so I’m waiting to go to the baby shower. I am not sure my mother or grandmother are completely happy with me not being there this Thanksgiving, but I am sticking to that reasoning because it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. I would say it’d be nice for both families to be closeby so choosing one or the other wouldn’t have to happen, but for the people I know who do have both families nearby, they still have issues and basically just have to go everywhere for every holiday.

Today has been medium-busy at work, but it’s on the slow side. I would love to leave since I’m not terribly busy because I need to go to the chiropractor. I could go after work, but it’s the one day out of every 2 months that I need to go to a UMW meeting on a Monday evening. Unless I don’t want to go home any time before 8:15, I have to skip the chiro unless I leave work early. (With it already being 3:30, that isn’t really possible.) I think I can hold out until Wednesday after work. If not, I could leave work in the morning and go during the day since they’re closed on Tuesday afternoons.

I hope tonight is fun! It’s the Special Mission Recognition Awards Dinner the UMW hosts every year. We will get to hear all about several people at Trinity who volunteer and give lots of their time to missions around the church and community. The awards are surprises! It’s always fun to see the recipient figure out the presenter is talking about them as they list services, missions, duties, etc. they have done. I know I was surely surprised when I got one a while back. I was so glad the person who presented and talked about me was Dave! I get to see several girls from church, too, so that is always fun.

GOOD THING: The fall colored leaves outside my work window is the source of jealousy for other coworkers who have no windows! (good for me, bad for them)
BAD THING: I have to go fix my crazy hair again before tonight thanks to the rainy weather.