The long holiday weekend at the lake was fun! It seemed like it lasted longer than the previous lake weekend, which doesn’t make sense because it was almost exactly the same amount of time. We did lots more stuff this time, I guess, so maybe that is why.

Anyway, we had fun with lots of family around – some I’d met and some I had not. We had some of our own overnight guests at our house Friday night (at the lake), and tons more came over Saturday for lunch which involved BBQ, homemade ice cream! and swimming with the young people before, during and after the 2:00 boat parade (there is also one at 10:00). I chatted with Brian’s cousin’s girlfriend that I’d never met before, and she seemed really nice and cool. I heard lots of stories being retold about old times, of course, and the older cousins seemed to have a good time recalling stuff just like any family get together calls for. We went on some boat rides, caught the fireworks show from the water, and swam with family.

We also wakeboarded with Dan & Carrie before Brian hurt his knee too bad to go anymore and I ripped the skin off all my fingers trying to work in the yard without gloves on. I jumped higher than ever! I’m proud of myself, but I am not happy enough until I jump much farther/higher. I know for sure I can do it now! And it’s not as scary as it used to be. My highest jump was actually the easiest; I guess I did it right for once because I am starting to become less scared. We also got Choxie to swim! We keep standing her in the shallow part and trying to show her that there are things like sticks and weeds to eat in the water, and that helped. We finally tag teamed her and got her to actually swim out to deeper water to come to me and a stick or something, then she’s take it and swim back to Brian while he sat in the shallow part. She did it like 3 times! It was exciting. I think by next year, she’ll love the water. She also fell in a time or two, and she is not a fan of that.

I also completed a successful Wal-Mart trip and scored a new fishing pole with some bait and a tacklebox, and I got a new shirt for $9!

Saturday, we realized my car had a flat tire on it. this was around 6:30 or 7:00 PM on the 4th of July, so there was no fixing it then. We stayed overnight and took my car to a tire store the next day around lunch time. We aired it back up, and it stayed inflated, so we drove it in. It was still aired up when we got there, so that was great. Then, they put my car on the lift, and we all saw that my tire had a giant crack all along the edge of the inside, meaning a blowout was about to happen. I’m so glad it deflated Saturday! We could’ve had really bad happenings on the way back to Birmingham. The tire store didn’t have any tires to fit my car, but he did find a used one to get us home on. I have to get new tires this week on my car; it needed all new tires anyway, but we’d been putting it off. I’m so glad I didn’t have any more trouble out of them than I did this weekend.

When we got back, we met Bobby! He is our new friend by way of the Pattons, and he is moving here soon. That’s what I heard, so he has to. We watched Hot Rod and played some Scene It, and the girls actually got lots of points even if the boys won. No one can argue that we did better than we usually do.

Today, we’re all back to work. It’s been alright so far. Lunch was fun with lots of laughs, and I have already been to the pet store to get Choxie some more food since we ran out this morning. She will get a new toy when I get home! I think I actually found something she can’t destroy in 10 minutes.

I’m thinking about going to the chiropractor after work to try and fix my pitiful neck. I also need to go return some books that I am saving over $17 on! I’m still happy about that. And I need to go pick up some contacts I ordered about 2 weeks ago. Maybe I can go for a walk with the dog tonight around 7:30 and not burn up!

If we have any pictures from the lake, I will put them up soon.

GOOD THING: I’m still in the mood to work on organizing our basement.
BAD THING: Rain in hot weather calls for even worse humidity!