We’re back in Birmingham! We had lots of fun in Georgia, but I’m glad to be back at home, too. I can’t wait to sleep in my bed tonight! It was great taking a shower in my own shower and washing my clothes and being able to put up some of my gifts. I can’t wait until Brian lets me take down the tree! I put about 10 ornaments up, but he stopped me and wants it to stay for a while. That’s really fine because I surely didn’t want to do it all right then, anyway. I’m just ready to get my living room back to normal since it’s rearranged temporarily for the tree.

Hopefully, this week will be decently fun even though Christmas is over. I am off work Monday, so that will ease me back into working. We are supposed to go get dinner and hang with Dan & Carrie either Tuesday or Wednesday night, and Brian’s sister is still in town until at least this coming weekend. There’s a family wedding this Saturday at the lake, so that is another thing on our plan list. Surely work will be fun this week since everyone is still in the Christmas spirit but now has some stories from the holidays (hopefully).

Today, we went with my parents to Five Guys for their first time. I think they both liked it, but my dad didn’t get enough food. He needs to order 2 burgers next time, I think. The one in Dalton isn’t set up anything like the one here in Homewood, but the food was just as delicious. I missed sitting upstairs, and the music sucked at the Dalton one, too. It was still “classic” rock, but none of the songs were so classic. Maybe next time! We followed it up by getting milkshakes across the street from Steak & Shake.

Choxie almost got hit by at least 5 cars in about 24 hours, so we have to figure something out with her. She is now interested in chasing & barking at passing cars and trucks, and she has no concept of the road being a dangerous place. I got scared to death today, so we have to have a plan next time. Brian is going to research good ways of teaching her not to get near the road, and we can practice next time we go. It won’t work doing it here because it’s just so different here. No cars go down our road, which is awesome, but that is why she doesn’t get it. The speed limits are so low here, too, that it wouldn’t help, either because no car is scary going 25 mph. Anyway, we’ll figure it out. She’s super smart so I know she can learn, but we have to be the smart ones to know what will work for her. It’ll be fine!

GOOD THING: burgz today were yumz
BAD THING: indigestion!