Today was my first trip ever to Ikea, and the same goes for Brian. We woke up early to drive over to Atlanta in the rain for some new furniture we had picked out online beforehand. This is what we got:

HEMNES 6-drawer chest

HEMNES Chest with 8 drawers


KILAN Bedspread

The rocking chairs I’ve been dying to get there weren’t so impressive in person, so I left those behind. The quilt is not tan and cream, it is a goldish color and a pale yellow/gold, but the color is not great in the picture. That is all!

Tonight, we went to eat yummy BBQ with Casey & Sheena and Sheena’s parents. Then, we went to a sweet pagan store that had lots of crystals, rocks, dragon statues, jewelry, clothes and swords. Don’t forget all the jars of plants, spices and other things for spells! It was funny. Sheena’s mom didn’t like it very much. We also randomly ran into Brian’s cousin there, which is so hilarious because it totally fits.

Our living room looks like a landfill right now, and it’s starting to get on both of our nerves.

I have been putting together Ikea furniture all evening, and it sizzucks.

Oh! I actually got up really early to go shopping on Black Friday with Sheena and her mom. It was a grand old time, and I got 3 shirts and some socks. Toot toot!

We also started painting finally, so we have 1/2 a room done. It’s a yucky color, but we like it.

GOOD THING: long weekend
BAD THING: super sore neck