I have been SUPER itchy lately. My skin is really dry, and it’s actually even keeping me awake at night. Good news is, when i carried all the brush from our woods to the street so they’d pick it up, I think I got a small touch of poison ivy, too. SO, itching abounds.

The reason I’m bringing this us is this – just so you know, the best thing I’ve EVER done for poison ivy was discovered accidentally due to going crazy at work one day. I have a pump bottle of hand sanitizer gel on my desk, which I cannot stand using, but I did rub it all over my arm once when I was being attacked by poison ivy. Honestly, it dried it up pretty fast, and I have never had that sort of luck with calamine lotion or anything else. SO, the next time you get it, keep rubbing hand sanitizer on it! The alcohol dries it up better than anything else. Ever.

From my brain to yours.

GOOD THING: home in 25 minutes (today has been rough)
BAD THING: waiting is hard sometimes! but it’s really not that hard. i just had to complain about something on this ‘bad thing’ line.