So far, the weekend has been good. Brian and I went to Longhorn Friday night because I could get my usual meal for free. Firecracker Chicken Wraps are the BOMB DIGGITY. I also got a sweet potato. Afterwards, we went to Kripsy Kreme! We hardly ever go – maybe 2 times a year, but we had coupons to get 2 free – so we got 6 hehe. We also rented Cyrus from Publix, and it was pretty good. Today, I didn’t sleep that late. I never do lately because I have stopped taking my muscle relaxer at night, which is why it’s usually so hard for me to get up, I think. Anyway, I got up and went outside to work in the yard/woods. My work was very productive! I’m pumped about that. Afterwards, I took a shower and bummed around the house a while. We went to Surin tonight because we had more coupons, but I ended up not using it because I opted to get soup & sushi instead of an entree. Brian also let me eat one of his crab angels. The dinner was scrumptious. We came home and ate orange rolls! Brian watched a ridiculous movie on tv while I looked online all night, and now that it’s over, there is NOTHING on tv to watch.

Today was so beautiful! I love when it’s so perfect, you just want to go outside when you wake up and never come back in. 🙂

GOOD THING: Choxie is so cute.
BAD THING: have to get up early tomorrow