That drama was fake! Don’t worry – I won’t stop blogging. BUT – I need some comments!

Today is Friday, obviously, and here is how it’s been so far: This morning, I had the absolute worst morning hair you have EVER seen, and it was sick. Somehow, I tamed it fairly quickly before work. Work was very slow, but it wasn’t bad. I was just ready to get out of there! After work, I drove through downtown Homewood and considered checking out At Home and that new store down on the lower side – can’t remember what it’s called – but there were no parking spots, and I gave up. I drove on over to Whole Foods and ate a little bitty salad with some SICK dressing (thank goodness I got it in it’s own container so I didn’t have to use it), fruit, yogurt and some delicious pasta salad. The dressing was their balsamic vinaigrette – do not get it. To me, it tasted and looked like A1 Steak Sauce, and salad is not steak. It was VERY strong. Oh, and I drank some Tazo Passionfruit Tea. After I ate, I figured I would go check out the Amy’s Soup selection, and it was all on sale! I loaded up my right arm with 7 cans and got outta there (after paying). On the way home, people were driving terribly, so I was trying to switch lanes some to get past them. In doing so, I accidentally switched into a lane that was exiting off 280, so I had to take a detour to Highland Avenue on the way home. Oops!

After lunch, I came home and immediately changed clothes and headed into the woods to work a while. Choxie slipped past me and made it up there, too, so she ran free for a while. I got a decent amount done, and the dog had tons of fun running all over the place. I finally just now got her back into the yard and shut all the gates so she can’t get back out. Now, I am sitting outside in the backyard in the swing while typing this and watching the beautiful birds! They’re singing lots of songs, and I love watching them fly all over the place from tree to tree.

I have seen one chipmunk already this year, which means Choxie did, too. She’s already back to taring down the rocks around the water garden trying to get to them. they must’ve woken up from the winter!

I just saw ANOTHER house on our street go up for sale! I don’t think it was yesterday. It’s the cutest one so far, and someone should get it – someone we know so we can be neighbors! It’s on the inside of the U, so it’s not on a steep hill, and it’s 1-story. It’s cute!

Brian just walked outside and scared the CRAP out of me because it is 2:3, not 4:15, and I had no idea he was coming home early. AGH! I think I almost just had a heart attack.

GOOD THING: soup on sale!
BAD THING: might be sore after climbing up and down the backyard today