Today, I took Choxie to the dog park after work while Brian was at the dentist. I thought it would be a treat for her, but I think she would rather have been home! When we got there, we were the only people (?) there, so I walked around the park with her so she could sniff around. I was able to get her to run around and chase some tennis balls for a while. Another girl came with her little min pin a few minutes later, so I talked to her. Choxie and her dog, Monte, played for a few minutes, but then they were over it. Three more people ended up coming, but Choxie didn’t want to play anymore. She just sat on the bench with me or crawled between my legs when some bigger dogs got up in her face. After we’d been there 1 hour, I just gave in and took her back home. She is already asleep on the couch, and it’s just 5:30! It is just too hot to run around and play, I guess. My car did say it was 96 degrees.

GOOD THING: dinner tonight at Five Guys to support cancer research!
BAD THING: starving!