This past weekend, we went to visit my parents for Father’s Day! We had lots of fun. We went out to eat, hung out, watched some TV, rode around and played putt putt. I had the most fun on Sunday when my dad took me on a motorcycle ride on some of the prettiest roads in Murray County (on the way to Carters Lake), and then we rode over the mountain into Ellijay and the surrounding areas. It was beautiful and so fun! There are some gorgeous places around there, and I’m jealous because I never appreciated it while I was there (as it always goes). Anyway, it was fun, and it was perfect for Father’s Day.

What we did most of all was play with the dogs! That word is plural because my parents have a new puppy! This was the first time we met her. Meet Rosie!

She is so adorable and sweet! Choxie and Rosie played so hard and so well! I was very impressed with how Choxie handled the little puppy. She is so tiny and really young, and along with that comes obnoxious and annoying. Rosie constantly jumped in the air to grab onto Choxie’s jowls (ouch!), neck skin and tail with her puppy-sharp teeth and hang by those body parts. Choxie just stood there and let her for basically 3 days! She never once growled or snipped at her. They are best friends! Rosie learned lots this weekend from having another dog around. We watched her try to copy Choxie’s actions, and she learned how to bark really loud compared to the squeak toy noises she’s been making. It was so cute watching them that we stayed outside on the front porch watching them both nights until we were too tired to stay up anymore. Here are the new friends: