My dog is awesome, duh. Just like your dog is awesome. Well, mine cracks me up, and one reason she cracks me up is all the noises she makes. She is increasingly vocal, and most of her noises revolve around sleeping. She just laid down beside me on the couch and made the longest groan ever. It’s hilarious every time. She actually did it twice in a row. I guess it’s so hard to be her! She’s always moaning and groaning.

I have eaten a ridiculous amount of extra, unhealthy food in the last two weeks. Maybe all the birthday food will stop soon! I feel kind of gross and disappointed in myself, but at least I know it all stemmed from special occasions, and those are over now. I’m sure I’ll get back to normal soon (not that my normal is especially healthy, but it’s been extra bad lately).

On that note, I got a gift card to Brio today for $60! I’m pumped. It was my big gift for Administrative Professionals’ Day from the 6 people I do work for. On the other days of the week, I and the other assistants at work got smaller gifts like notepads, stationery, bath products, and flowers. Today, we went to The Club for lunch! I wanted to eat so much more bread that I did, but I still had 2 orange rolls and 1 regular roll. Their bread is amazing.

GOOD THING: finally added some leftover veggies to the new compost bin
BAD THING: not fo rme, but sister in law was stuck in an airport all day today dealing with postponed/cancelled flights