Today is rainy again, and I’m so tired of it! It’d be not AS bad if I didn’t have to be at work and could sleep all day, but then again, NOTHING would be as bad if i could sleep all day instead of work haha. I’m just over the rain, and I’m ready for it to either get sunny and fall-perfect or just get cold already. Plus, my dad bought me a new coat this weekend, so I want to be able to use it! It’s a sweet Carhartt one for doing things outside when it’s really cold outside, and I love it.

I am going to try and pull out the ol’ bicycle sometime this week and get back into riding it around. It doesn’t take long to work up some stamina (because riding a bike is so much harder for me than walking or jogging), so I am not too intimated. I just know how sick I felt every time I rode it to work last spring, so I am going to try and work on that to get to where I can easily have enough energy to do it comfortably. I wouldn’t mind walking at all, but since I already walk the dog pretty often, I don’t want to burn myself out on walking. I feel like I’d never want to walk the dog if I’d already walked to work and back that day. We’ll see how it goes! I usually have lots of good ideas, but I never get around to them.

This weekend was pretty good in Georgia. We sucessfully went to 2 apple houses, ate some desserts there, almost got in a wreck on the highway because of a girl and her cell phone, ate lots of food, visited a dam that my grandfather worked on decades ago, drove through some beautiful mountain areas, tried out my dad’s inversion chair, played with the dog, heard some funny stories, heard some bad jokes, and some other stuff. Oh, and I closed my own finger up in a the car window, which hurt REALLY bad. It also took us over 4 hours to get there, and it should’ve been less than 3 hours. It seemed like eternity in the car.

I’m afraid Choxie is sick, so Brian is going to help me decide this afternoon whether or not we should take her to the vet. I’m all for preventing and being cautious, so she will probably go. She hasn’t eaten much since Friday and has slept extra compared to normal, so if something’s wrong, it’s been wrong for several days, and I don’t want to push it too far. We might see how she eats tonight and take her tomorrow. I really hope she’s okay! It makes me worry more since I know I am supposed to take her back to the vet in a couple of weeks anyway to re-check some liver enzymes because they were really high last time. She’s pretty tough, so I think she’ll be alright eventually.

I got my new wallet in the mail! I could’ve gotten it Friday, but we went out of town, and I didn’t know that Zappos was going to ship it overnight until Friday morning after it had been shipped. If I would’ve known, I would’ve shipped it to my parents’ house instead of to my work so I could get it sooner. It doesn’t matter either way because it’s just a card carrier instead of a full out wallet, so I won’t be using it unless I just want to carry one tiny thing with me when I go somewhere instead of a purse.

I cannot wait to get my hair cut this Friday!

I’m also excited to take Margaret Anne on her college visit in a couple of weeks to Berry. I know she’ll love it, but we’ll see if they can work something out with the major she wants since they don’t really have it. Either way, we’re going to have fun that day because I will be off work, and she doesn’t have to go to school. Score!

GOOD THING: less than 1.5 hours left of work until I can go check on my puppy
BAD THING: seems like 7 PM outside