Here are some random pictures taken recently. Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately! Work has been super busy, and I usually blog while I’m there.


YUM – This is the chocolate equivalent to the extra yummy vanilla protein drink they have. This one is #2 in taste, but it’s still good.


What a cute little bug we found at the botanical gardens! He was so tiny. Or she. Who knows? We never will!


SO DELICIOUS. That’s all there is to say. They’re made by Mr. P’s Deli in Bluff Park, but for whatever reason, they thought Montego Joe’s was a better brand name for cookies.


These are my sweet little bird salt & pepper shakers. They’re really sky blue, but all my pictures have a yellow tint since I took them in the dining room.


My lights in the back yard! They’re cute.


This is where Choxie likes to sit now, especially in the mornings – in the kitchen window sill! I can’t believe she fits up there, but she loves it. She has to jump onto the AC unit as a stepping stone, but she sits up there just like our neighbor’s cat sits inside their kitchen window the exact same way. They must sit up there and play the staring game. Oh brother.