Today is hump day! I am so glad that this week has finally reached it’s halfway point. It surely did start out slow and rocky!

Choxie fell off the window sill yesterday evening while I was watching. It was sad 😦 , but she was fine. She jumped right back up. I just felt bad because she fell when she turned her head way around to see me in the window!

I’m going to Sam’s Deli for lunch! It’s Kristi’s birthday, so we’re celebrating, and I can’t think of a better way. That is, unless we could have another ice cream party this week! We did it last week, and it was awesome.

*EDIT: Everyone else is going to Zoe’s, but I’m still going to Sam’s because I don’t love Zoe’s, and it’s expensive, so I’m getting cheap lunch that I love. TOOT!

Tomorrow is TV night, and we are going to the Pattons’ so we can visit the doggy they’re watching this week! Tonight, Carrie & Dan are bringing their dog over to play with Choxie. Doggie date! They haven’t seen each other in a while, and they love to play. They’re going to be muddy messes by the time she’s picked back up, but that’s okay.

Next week, we’re finally having two of Brian’s friends over for dinner and Rock Band! They’ve requested me make homemade lasagna, so I will. It’s going to be fun! We can turn it into a party celebrating the fact that Emily is back to work at EWTN after leaving for a little while. I know the guys are glad to have her back!

What I thought was a bug bite on my butt is now looking more like poison ivy. Wonderful!

I am tired of my nose bleeding!

Sunday is Sheena’s birthday party! And next Saturday is my mom’s 50th brithday! We’re going to visit her next weekend. If I could only figure out what to get her!

GOOD THING: lunch is soon
BAD THING: rainy weather