Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brian and I are both sick now. Poor Brian. I hate when he feels bad. Today, we woke up earlier than we wanted to, but that’s ok I guess. We both felt crappy, when we got up. Brian made me cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Then, I took a shower and dried my hair. We felt bad afterwards still, so we ended up laying around in bed for a while. We went back to sleep even! We took a nap until about 2:45. We then got up for good. Brian ran out to the store while I got my makeup on and picked out an outfit. We left around 4:30 to go eat dinner at Brio! It’s one of my very favorite restaurants. We knew it’d be crowded, which is why we went so early, but when we got there even that early, the wait was 50-60 minutes unless we wanted to eat outside. We did! We sat down immediately and had a delicious dinner. It wasn’t cold until it we were almost finished because it was getting later. I have leftovers, and their leftovers don’t gross me out, so I get another sweet meal soon. After that, we went out to see the Pattons’ new house before going home. When we got home, we played a little Rock Band, and Brian made me brownies!!! They’re my favorite. Now, we’re watching TV and looking online. I had a really good day with Brian.

Tomorrow will be church and relaxing. I might be walking to church, but I’m not sure yet. I will not be biking, that’s for sure.

Man, TV sucks big time tonight.

That is all I can think of for now because I have to go to the bathroom!

GOOD THING: Saturday!
BAD THING: still have colds