Brian was really sweet tonight and took me shopping to let me get whatever I wanted for Valentine’s Day! We couldn’t think of anything we wanted, so we were going to get something for the house, but we couldn’t decide on anything for that. I wanted to go look for some new tights and some shoes tonight, so he said we could go and get them as gifts if I found something. We went, and I got stuff! I got 3 new pair of tights – brown, black and gray. I was able to find one pair (gray) on clearance for $1.98! I couldn’t find any gray flats like I had in mind, but I did get another pair of shoes…these!

They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. Just ask Sheena. She put some brown and pink ones on before. Most places online I’ve seen them sell them for $99. One place even said $107! Well, at DSW, they are $55, and I had a $20 off coupon, so my total was $38! Another cool thing is that they’re vegan shoes, and they use recycled rubber. Doble sweet.

In other news, I might ride my bike to work again tomorrow. It’s fun!

We are currently watching Demetri Martin’s new show Important Things. It’s really good so far. I hope it stays that way. We love his standup.

I almost feel not sick anymore! It’s awesome! I hope I feel good tomorrow. How exciting!

Brian gets to do another photo shoot at work tomorrow. He’s getting famous! It’s the 4th one he’s done in the last month or something like that.

We got some new sheets the other day, and they are seriously so extremely comfortable. I’m not sure how a sheet can be that much better than any other sheet, but these are somehow. We have the best bed on the planet!

You know what I’m looking forward to the most this weekend? Sleeping in! I haven’t been able to sleep in in weeks, and I can this Saturday! That plus our bed is going to equal awesome!

GOOD THING: new shoes!
BAD THING: almost out of chocolate hearts and Little Debbie hearts already!