I think I am not sick anymore, so let’s hope that’s true! Today is Monday, and I was not ready to start a new week yet, but it’s time, so I have to. This weekend was great even if Brian and I both felt terrible.

I have lots to do this week, but none of it is that bad. Tonight, I have to prepare to lead a meeting Tuesday night and also prepare to speak as a Circle’s program Tuesday night! I will be so nervous probably, but I’m just going to talk about what I know, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, I know several of the people that will be there, so it won’t be that bad. Thursday is my first Metro Methodism experience, so I will fill you in afterwards. I’m excited about it, though. I get to leave work (excused) around 1 PM, but I won’t get home until around 7:30 PM, so that’s no fun. Plus, it’s TV night! We’ll figure that out later.

Last night, Brian and I helped Casey and Sheena  a little at their house. We painted some closets and doors. I also painted our own hallway yesterday before that, so yesterday was definitely paint day. The bad thing is that I am pretty sure I hate our hallway being white, so I’m going to paint it 2 more times with a different color instead of 1 more time with white. That’s ok.

Also, I found an old college friend on Facebook, and I’m excited! She finally made a page.

We are going to visit my parents this coming weekend for the first time since New Year’s Eve. It’s the only week we can go until sometime in April due to Walk Bike Carpool to Church Month, so we need to go. After that, I’m hoping they can come here since I’ve painted their room and gotten them new sheets/blankets.

I am craving Mexican food! I want to go to Sabor Latino. Speaking of good food, Brian took me to Brio on Valentine’s day, and that is one of my very favorite restaurants. It’s SO good. We even had a $20 gift card to use, thanks to the Pattons who are crazy and didn’t want it.

I brought a banana to work today to make a sandwich with for lunch, and the more I look at it, the more worried I get that it will be too bruised to eat. I swear it’s gotten more black spots since I got to work today. If it’s gross, I’m leaving and going to buy another banana or going home to get my last one.

Do you like this random junk?

OH! I watched the last 15 minutes or so of some show on VH1 where they were counting down the best hard rock songs. Boy, did they get it wrong. I saw the top five, and they were all decent until number one. GUNS AND ROSES’ WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE? They are idiots. At least two of the top were Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Led Zepplin’s Whole Lotta Love. Morons. They put Aerosmith, AC/DC and GnR over those 2 bands. Whatevs.

GOOD THING: I feel good today and am wearing a dress with new tights!
BAD THING: My dress developed evil static after leaving the house, so I have to keep my dress from sticking to my crotch. Awesome!