I like to keep the updates coming, so when I don’t know what to say or think I have nothing very interesting to say, I am just going to recap my day for you. You’re welcome.


-diaper laundry (happens usually every other day)
-changed diapers several times
-fed Cora several times
-gave Cora her thrush medicine several times
-looked online
-scheduled my next doctor appointment
-scheduled Cora’s doctor visit to have something done that we overlooked last week
-made some phone calls for a United Methodist Women task I am in charge of doing
-took Cora to the doctor for a heel stick and a shot – she did pretty good! The nurse said she was “incredibly strong,” which we already thought, but that confirmed it.

And here’s what Cora did today – SMILED AT ME! I talked to her lots for a few minutes, and she smiled for a good long while! I know it was on purpose. I looked it up online to make sure it was possible, and it is. She smiled on purpose!

The day isn’t over, but that is enough for now!