The biggest part of this weekend, as any weekend we visit my parents, was food. Here is what my early supper was today before I left:

1 bite of cucumber
green beans
broccoli casserole
fried squash
homemade ice cream
lemon pound cake
sweet tea

That doesn’t include the available foods that I turned down. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!

I also got to eat biscuits & gravy 2 mornings in a row, and that is the best meal I can imagine since I don’t get it from my mom very often.

I have been stuffed completely full the whole weekend since Friday night. It does NOT feel good, and it’s very easy to do now that I’m pregnant, but sometimes, it’s just worth it.

On another food note, we drove over 1 hour to go to Fuddruckers Saturday night. Brian lovesssssss it, and so do my parents, but they closed the one down nearest them – meaning we haven’t been since. We drove all the way to Rome, and everyone seemed to be glad we did. The only thing wrong was that I could not find or they do not have nacho cheese, so my burger wasn’t 100% what it should’ve been, but it was still good. On the way back, we drove some way that I’ve never been before, and we saw lots of really pretty farmland. When we got almost home, we stopped to look at the famous tunnel that Tunnel Hill, Georgia was named after (Civil War importance), and Brian had never been. I also had to pee so bad that I used a napkin and squatted behind a rose bush since no one was around. You do what you have to do, I guess.

GOOD THING: made it home safely
BAD THING: back hurts