We had a weekend of old friends! Saturday, Brian and I went to the lake to get some wakeboarding time in and hang with his sister since she’s moving to Missouri on July 1. The day was good, and we left to get home in time to hang with Amy & Jennifer. We haven’t seen them in forever! I caught them outside the church one night a month ago, and we chatted for 30 minutes – where we decided we definitely need to start hanging out again. So we did! It was fun. We played Rock Band pretty much all night because they love Guitar Hero, but they haven’t played Rock Band much. We also rented Role Models, but we played games too long to start a movie afterwards. We’ll just have to catch it later when they come over again!

Another good thing that happened on Saturday was Brian’s friend Craig calling and wanting to hang out. Our Saturday was pretty booked up, but we made plans to go to the lake with Craig on Sunday. We normally don’t skip church for the lake unless it’s a long weekend/vacation kind of deal, but hang time with Craig is worth it since we see him normally once a year if we’re lucky. Yesterday was a bonus! He is Brian’s oldest friend (from daycare/preschool at Trinity) and was the best man in our wedding. We had tons o’ fun that day.

Brian and I are super worn out from it all, though. I think I need another day off this week just to rest! The heat, the wakeboarding, the swimming, the hard laughing and getting up early are ingredients for a sleepy Monday at work, but it’s all good. My throat is also sore and scratchy from talking so much and yelling over the boat noise and that kind of thing.

I also finally found a denim skirt! Brian needed some new shoes, so we got those, then went down the road to Old Navy to see if they still had some tank tops I wanted. They did! I ended up getting 4 different colors, which is exciting by itself, but then, I found out they had denim skirts like I’ve been wanting, and they were on sale for $15! Yayyyyy I am wearing my new skirt and one of the tank tops today to work.

I cannot leave out the fact that we ALSO had fun last week with other friends (Casey and Sheena). Don’t feel left out! We had TV night as always on Thursday, then we hung out at their house Friday night for some TV and movies – Shaun of the Dead – always funny. I had seen it all multiple times, except I realized while I was watching it that I’ve never actually seen the ending. I had no idea about anything that happened after his mom was bitten, so I still learned something new from it!

GOOD THING: full fun weekend!
BAD THING: nothing bad enough to complain about