It has been brought to my attention that I left a few things off my previous posts’ list of birthday gifts. After that correction, I realized I’d left off more than that! SOOooooooooooo, here is an update!

For my birthday, I also got 2 super sweet awesome throw pillows for the couch(es). I knew I liked them when I first opened the gift, but after I got home and put them where I wanted them, I realized they’re perfect as they can be! Also, I got some yumz Choxie chocolate truffle squares! On top of that, Brian brought home flowers for me, and I got 3 sweet and funny cards at work! Hopefully, that is everything, but who knows? Surely not me, apparently.

Last night was TV night, and it was awesome as always – maybe even awesomer.

Sunday is the Taste of Trinity fundraiser! I hope I get some good food!

I have to find out what this itchy stuff on my arms is, so I’m going to go ask some co-workers now. Fun, right?

BAD THING: weird itchy spots all over the insides of my arms