Today, I will be enjoying another installment of Metro Methodism! I hope it’s awesome. I’ll update about it later probably. After that will be TV night with the Pattons at our house! Thursdays are awesome in general, but this one will be super sweet.

Pandora has been really awesome for me. I listen to it at work, and I already have a huge list of bands/singers that I want to check out further. Most of them are people I haven’t heard of before! Score.

Also, I found out about this website recently: It’s a really cheap place to get prescription glasses and sunglasses – starting at $8! The most expensive I’ve noticed was around $30, I think. I am too picky with frames to order glasses from them (meaning most frames are super unflattering on me – my face just isn’t that compatable with most frames, unfortunately). I am, however, considering ordering some prescription sunglasses since hardly anyone would even see them on me, and I wouldn’t use them very often. It’s mostly just when I’m driving on days I wear my glasses = hardly ever. Anyway, if you need some glasses or even just a backup pair, check out the site!

Oh! My birthday was Monday! I got some new clothes, a new lunch bag, a new Bible, and new storage bench/ottoman kind of like this and some money! It was awesome. I also went to Moe’s BBQ to celebrate!

It’s past time to eat lunch. I’ll write more later!

GOOD THING: leaving work in about an hour
BAD THING: missing the first part of TV night