Look at this pathetic response that makes completely no sense AT ALL. Then vote for McCain! Yeah!

By the way, I watched the debate Friday night, which I do not support as anyone’s way of determining who to vote for. All you can learn from debates is who can argue better or who is the bigger smarty pants. If you want to know what each person thinks about something, then read up (from something published by a neutral organization) on both people and compare. Anyway, I thought it was pretty shameful how McCain was acting during the debate. Every time Obama said something McCain thought was crazy or inaccurate, McCain stood behind his podium and snickered, smiled and laughed audibly. Each time, Obama kept his serious face on and looked over at McCain with this look that basically was like, ‘what the hell is your problem?’ which is what I was thinking. Someone who is 72 years old should know how to act serious and at least pretend they could be respectful while someone else is delivering their presidential plan since that is why you’re both there in the first place. It was very tacky to me, and I’m sure it was to others, too.

I had a good conversation with my mom about the 2 candidates, and she will more than likely vote for McCain. It’s funny to me, because she agreed with everything I said about the economy, the war, and other stuff, but she still doesn’t like Obama’s “non-Christian” voting record, so she will probably not give him a chance. Go figure.

GOOD THING: might be moving to Switzerland or at least Canada!
BAD THING: headache – maybe sinus infection?