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Stephen Colbert autotuned himself tonight!

I think this weekend is going to be great! I will update afterwards and let you know if my hunch was right.

If someone was visiting your house for the first time, what would you think was a cool hostess gift? My friend at work suggested some really creative things, but I can only remember 2 of them. I might have to Facebook her and ask for ideas again. One idea was just to bring a couple of the giant free trade chocolate bars like we sell at church. Some crazy people don’t like chocolate, but in the end, it’s the thought that counts anyway. Ideas?

I ran again today even though my lower legs hurt a little. At one point I told Brian I didn’t think I would be able to run much longer, and he offered to stop and walk, but I said no and said I would let him know when I wanted to stop. Guess what? I never did! I made it all the way home. Woo hoo! Sometime next week, I am going to go one to try to run the entire 30 minutes without stopping. I know I could do it already on a good day, but I am fine with taking it slow.

Sheena, I told you in the beginning that I wasn’t really interested in running in any races, but I actually think I want to now! I think I would like to see how it feels afterwards because I am enjoying this whole being proud of myself thing.

Holy crap. Donald Trump is on David Letterman, and he is saying some really smart political things. I’ve noticed David Letterman getting braver with politics, but this discussion is really awesome. Maybe you should Google it and watch the clip!



my nose in a book

I just started a new Bible study last night that I’m really excited about because it’s led by Dave, and I think there is lots to learn about the Bible and God through his ways of teaching. Over 60 people signed up for his class, and we all introduced ourselves last night. Some people shared why they took that class, and almost all of those people said the reason they signed up was because Dave was teaching it. I think we all understand that we shouldn’t become a follower of Dave necessarily, but it’s obvious that a lot of people at this church love listening to him and think he does a great job. The class is an altered version of what he teaches at Samford University, so I’m excited to hopefully learn alot about the Bible.

On a similar note, Dave is asking the congregation of Contact to follow with him and read the Bible in 90 days. I didn’t start on the right day, but my goal is to catch up and then stay on track. I do want to finish by the time he does, but even if I don’t, I’m hoping I can make myself stick with it and read the whole Bible from front to back. I haven’t done that before, and the closest I ever came was when I took Disciple because you end up reading something like 85% of the Bible in that class. However, that class doesn’t do it strictly from front to back. We’ll see how it goes!

Other than that, I’ve started several books on my own at home for fun, so who knows when I will finish all these books. I must be on a reading kick, Sheena! haha

Work is awesome and normal now, thank goodness.

Oh, and guess what. If you don’t like this new health care idea, IT’S AN OPTION. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE IT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO. The government isn’t going to make your family use it. You don’t need to complain about lines and compare it to the DMV because they will never make you get in those awful lines you’re expecting. You can continue to pay big bucks for private insurance if you want to.

GOOD THING: only 1.5 hours left!
BAD THING: neck hurts and I’m super tired

family knowledge

I am very thankful that I have a sister in law that is so intelligent on political matters. I say that because she has been in grad school specifically studying politics/international relations for a lot of years, and she will have her PhD in that area by this fall. She is now a professor at a college in Missouri in the political science department. She has spent many years researching theories, statistics, trends, systems, etc. and is very good at explaining things. When I need help learning about something or just selfishly want ammo to combat morons who talk politics, I call her. That’s what I did this afternoon! She tells me so much that I can’t retain it all, but at least I can grab on to some of it at a time. Yay, Ann! If only she could speak to everyone about these matters. If you ever want to have a conversation or need information on stuff like this, I’m sure she’d love to help you out. I will give you her phone number!

Here is one if my favorite pictures of her:



GOOD THING: dinner tonight with the Mezzells
BAD THING: Choxie bit some of our blinds off, but who cares since she’d already broken them I guess


He won!

Hell yes.

In other news, I packed my first box tonight! It’s a heavy one!

BAD THING: everyone’s bitching tomorrow and me having to try and not laugh out loud

real America footage

Watch and learn!

I can’t make the video work, so go here. Come on, do it.


This print is cute no matter if you like him or not.

It would make a cool shirt.

PS – I am so glad Kenley didn’t win Project Runway. Also, I think Korto was just as good as the winner!


GOOD THING: condo is on the market
BAD THING: only break I had yesterday between paid work and housework was 1 hour to finally catch the season finale of Project Runway. I worked until 12!

can’t believe this

Watch this video…it’s really short. 

Can she get worse? Probably.

you want this?

Look at this pathetic response that makes completely no sense AT ALL. Then vote for McCain! Yeah!

By the way, I watched the debate Friday night, which I do not support as anyone’s way of determining who to vote for. All you can learn from debates is who can argue better or who is the bigger smarty pants. If you want to know what each person thinks about something, then read up (from something published by a neutral organization) on both people and compare. Anyway, I thought it was pretty shameful how McCain was acting during the debate. Every time Obama said something McCain thought was crazy or inaccurate, McCain stood behind his podium and snickered, smiled and laughed audibly. Each time, Obama kept his serious face on and looked over at McCain with this look that basically was like, ‘what the hell is your problem?’ which is what I was thinking. Someone who is 72 years old should know how to act serious and at least pretend they could be respectful while someone else is delivering their presidential plan since that is why you’re both there in the first place. It was very tacky to me, and I’m sure it was to others, too.

I had a good conversation with my mom about the 2 candidates, and she will more than likely vote for McCain. It’s funny to me, because she agreed with everything I said about the economy, the war, and other stuff, but she still doesn’t like Obama’s “non-Christian” voting record, so she will probably not give him a chance. Go figure.

GOOD THING: might be moving to Switzerland or at least Canada!
BAD THING: headache – maybe sinus infection?

funny stuff

fair warning: complaining again

Today is the first day I have felt semi-caught up at work this whole month. Yay!

My plant is even bigger now!

We just found out Brian’s parents will take us to the beach some time in October. I hope a hurricane doesn’t thwart our plans! We plan to go deep sea fishing, and I’ve never done that before, so I’m excited. Last time we were going to do that, there was a tropical storm, and that pretty much ruined all our plans for the week. If we catch any kind of shark, I am going to punch it. I hate those things. I’ll punch it 3 times – 1 hit from me, 1 hit from Sheena and 1 hit from Brittany. Yeah! We all hate sharks.

I am open to your advice on dealing with people and their outpouring of political opinions. I have been dreading for some time now the stuff people are bound to say for the next several months – even way past inauguration day, I’m sure. I have lots of faults, and one is thinking I’m right and everyone else is an idiot. That may sound mean or silly, however you choose to read it, but that is honestly the general feeling I have towards those who have different ideas on certain topics as me. I don’t act that way towards them, but it’s in my head, as you all probably can relate to because I know I’m not the only person who thinks they’re right and everyone else is wrong sometimes.

One of the biggest topics that falls under this category is politics, and I am not good with letting others’ comments slide. I understand and am fine with the fact that people can have different opinions, concerns and values, but I don’t know why people think places like work are a good forum to openly discuss these things while assuming everyone agrees with them. This is when I wish I always had my sister in law around because she is working on her PhD in political science, and she is a library of the facts I wish I could remember and spit out when I get in a situation like that.

I heard this today at lunch:
-“I heard Joe Biden’s son’s speech on tv last night, and he asked everyone at the Democratic National Convention to please vote for his dad & Obama during elections because he wouldn’t be able to be here then to ask since he’s going off to Iraq. He signed up for the military.”
-“That’s funny since the democrats are always anti-war.”
-“Yeah, really. Well, I hate to say it, but I think that was all just politicking – him signing up for the military around election time.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care who my dad is. I am not signing up for the military EVER. That to me is like asking to die. I wouldn’t care who asked me to register. I feel like that’s something a person either just has or does not have a desire to do. Also, my dad would never ASK me to sign up for the military just because he was running for office because he wouldn’t put me in a life or death situation by choice. Who would do that?

Aside from that, of course democrats are doing things just because it’s close to election time. So are republicans. So would libertarians or greenies if they ever made it to the presidential election.

AGH whatever. I’m over it for now.

Oh – one more funny thing – everyone always decides they like the republican candidate because of “religious reasons,” but if people actually read the Bible, plus paid attention to the real reasons things are done, such as starting a war because of oil since they and all their buddies have stock in the oil industry, or cutting taxes for the rich, screwing over our education system, or making it impossible for the poor to be anything but poor, they might think again about who they should vote for. How about this – maybe not use that excuse until you talk to your minister to see where he or she stands. I’m pretty sure almost every one of my ministers will be right there with me on voting day. I know for a fact several of them will.

GOOD THING: tomorrow’s Friday!
BAD THING: head is trying to hurt