This week will be fairly busy since I have something scheduled every night, but most of the things are fun, so it’s not like I have to go to the dentist every day or anything like that. Tonight, we’re taking dinner to a couple from church who have a new baby. Tomorrow is my Bible study at church, Thursday is the high school girl’s first Bible study of the new school year AND a meeting, then finally, I get to go hear Jim Gaffigan on Friday night at the Alabama Theater! It is going to be SOOOOO FUNNY. I can’t wait to hear his new routine.

Last night, I talked to Brian’s sister, Ann, for a combined 2-call total of almost 2 hours. I also talked to her for multiple hours last week. She is my favorite person to talk to besides Brian. Yay, Ann! You should be reading these blogs. I gave you the dang address.

Have you heard of Mirah? Probably everyone has but me, but I just heard of her, and I like her music. Sheena, sometimes she makes me think of Kate Walsh, so maybe you would like her.

GOOD THING: work is still much slower and back to normal
BAD THING: it’s only Tuesday, and I’m tired