Girls, I just have to tell you: If you need shoes or want to start drooling uncontrollably, go here:

I just went there looking for end of the season Tevas (which are gone now), and I had to high tail it out of there before I grabbed 5 pairs of shoes and bought them. I made one really fast loop around the place and headed out because I knew how bad it would be if I saw everything. I did let myself try on some new Skechers that were pretty cute, but I’m not paying $45 for those, so I was able to put them back and leave.

Anyway, just saying – if you do need shoes, I would go there NOW. They have lots of cute boots, dress shoes, flats and everything else – new for the fall!

GOOD NEWS: I just bought 2 pillows, 2 sets of flatware, a candle warmer and a glass candle holder for the house that I’ve been meaning to buy forever. Oh, and I already washed clothes today!
BAD NEWS: I forgot to throw in our pillowcases with the wash, and that was the main reason I was washing.