This is the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had in my whole life, and you can get one from Target for a mere $2.

Do it! You will never stop thanking yourself for the discovery. I can’t get past these to try their other chocolate items, but I will one day. They make lots of flavors of chocolate bars, but they also have truffles, chocolate espresso beans, and more.

On another note, Man Vs. Wild is back on! I am currently watching the brand new episode, and he is now rolling around with a dead sheep trying to get out of quicksand. Nice! He’s so hardcore. Did you know he is a vegetarian outside of filming this show? I can’t imagine how tough his stomach must be to be able to eat not only meat, but usually rotten meat for the show. That doesn’t even include the squirty worms, bugs, live fish, snakes, and all that other gross stuff he eats while surviving.

GOOD THING: new shirts from Target!
BAD THING: I haven’t been exercising lately :\