Did anyone see how super sweet Wimbledon’s championship match was Sunday? First of all, my two favorite players were competing for the win. The match started before time to leave for church Sunday, and it was still on when we got out. Actually we finished watching it after we went for Mexican after church, and we still got to see the best parts. It wasn’t over until after 3 PM! Like I said, I really like both of the players, Federer (Switzerland) and Nadal (Spain), not because they’re awesome players (that’s only part of it), but they both seem like genuinely nice guys from what I’ve seen on tv, at least. I have never seen either one of them give off the slightest hint of cockiness or try to slam another player. Reporters even set these guys up for bragging, and they both just simply compliment the other player every single time. I really did almost cry when Nadal won and climbed up the stands to hug his parents. It was SO sweet. I felt bad for Federer because he really is awesome, and it would’ve been a major deal for him to win 6 straight Wimbledons. He really was almost unable to be interviewed afterwards. He started tearing up when John McEnroe was asking him about how it felt, and he said “it hurts.” I also felt bad for Nadal before he won because he always gets that far and loses to Federer, so it’s really fair both ways, I guess.

Anyway, I have never seen such an exciting tennis match.

Plus, lake times with the Pattons are fun. Duh.

I hope you all *had a fun Fourth!

GOOD THING: painting pottery tomorrow after work with Jamie, just decided to go to the beach and take our moms, and my new plant is growing at lighting speed