Tonight has been SO stressful. I am not a seasoned vacation planner. I’ve only ever planned one, and it was just for Brian and me. To be bitchy for a minute, and I will because I am stressed – Before you say ‘she should’ve said I, not me,’ you are wrong. You are supposed to use whatever word (me or I) that makes sense on its own. In this case, me is the correct one, so shut it. Anyway, I really wanted to go somewhere out of town just to get away, so Brian and I decided to go to Tybee Island/Savannah. Then, Brian thought it’d be nice if we invited our moms, to which I agreed because 1) I don’t get to spend enough time with my mom since she’s in Georgia, and 2) because Brian’s mom has never been to Savannah but always wanted to go. Perfect! So, we invited them, and they said yes. Since the trip was our idea, that put me in charge of reservations. I put it off too long, so tonight was the night I decided it needed to be taken care of. I found two options that seemed acceptable. The first option wasn’t available every night we needed it. Before trying the second one, I called my mom to make sure the details were okay with her just to be nice, which is when everything went downhill. There was a bunch of miscommunication, crying (me from being stressed about making the decision and the miscommunication) and frustration. In the meantime, my mom passed the phone to my dad because he is good at clarifying between the two of us and always tries to lighten the situation with comedy. That finally worked, so I got off the phone to try the second option, and it worked out perfectly! Plus, the rates the man gave us were a little cheaper than what their website offered. The point of this story is that I got way too worked up over something for not a very good reason, and it all worked out perfectly in the end, as if to only point out to me even more that I shouldn’t have gotten so upset to start with. Lesson learned. But, jeez – it’s not very fun to make reservations for other people when you have to go to them and tell them how much they have to pay. It’s just weird. Especially when it’s your parents! Now, if I can just not get attacked by a shark…..Sheena understands. “Pure evil”…she’s right.

Other than that, tonight, we went to a Sunday School cookout, and it was pretty good. It was the best turnout we’ve had at a class function in quite a while, so that’s always nice. I got to talk to a couple of people I don’t talk to that much, so that’s always good, too.

I expect this week at work to be much busier than I have been in a while because VBS is the week after this one, and registrations for the fall Bible studies are beginning to come in. If anyone wants to take one with me, I signed up for a 4-week study called Unplug the Christmas Machine. It’s not exactly a Bible study, but I’m sure it’s Biblically based in some way. Plus, it’s free! It should be really interesting because it’s basically supposed to look at how we treat the Christmas holiday season. I’m hoping to get some good ideas of how to handle things in a more logical way rather than going berserk like so many people do for Christmas. It’ll be cool to think about all this before kids so I will have plenty of time to think about stuff and come up with some ideas before then. Anyway, I would love someone to take it with me, and it’s open to anyone – you don’t have to go to our church, duh. It’s on Wednesday nights at 6 for just 4 little weeks. Come onnnnnn.

GOOD THING: reservations are made!
BAD THING: it’s almost midnight, and I haven’t even showered!