I am totally convinced that we have a go-to song to get Cora to calm down. When I was pregnant, I listened to certain songs a lot at my desk at work, and I couldn’t get enough of one particular song. I asked for a CD with it on it for Christmas and received it. Since she was born, I’ve played it for her a few times while on the couch (closer to being a newborn), and she fell asleep or stopped crying when I did. Okay. In the car one day this past weekend, Brian & I had a screaming kid in the back. I popped that CD in, and she FREAKING QUIT CRYING. I LOVE CROSBY, STILLS & NASH FOREVER. She even went to sleep. Since we were close to our house already, we kept driving. We had a nice, quiet, music-filled ride all over Homewood. After we listened to the songs I like on that CD, we switched to Amos Lee, and the girl continued to have good taste. We listened to that whole CD, then went back home. Woo hoo! Here’s the song that’ll fix her *hopefully* every time: