Fret no more! Another blog post is nigh.

This weekend was pretty decent, but it’s been too short. Here’s what I can remember about it:

Friday night, we decided to check out our church’s Meal and a Deal, which is a silent auction, dinner, then a live auction. We went for the silent auction, didn’t win anything, then left for Subway to eat dinner with Sheena and Casey and Dan and Carrie. The food was totes yums. I forgot to mention I was in a really horrible mood Friday evening for no reason at all, but it went away sometime around getting food, of course. I would also like to add that I feel like total crap because of some cold I caught. I thought it was allergies at first because my throat just hurt, but it’s definitely a real cold now. Anyway, after dinner, Dan and Carrie came over and played a couple rounds of Cranium. We changed up partners for each game, and my team won each time. What does that say? I guess I’m the lucky person to have on your team.

I tried to go to bed early Friday night because I had to wake up at 6 Saturday morning to go up to Camp Sumatanga for a day-long retreat in preparation for Metro Methodism, a program I’m enrolled in this year that will be over sometime in the summer. I have been asked what we did there, but I really can’t explain, and when I do, it sounds boring and dumb, but it really wasn’t. I had a good time even though I felt awful, and it was a nice day with lots of good conversation, meeting new people and learning things. I was ready to come home, though, because I didn’t get any sleep the night before! I did TRY to go to bed early, but I didn’t really ever sleep much. I woke up constantly to blow my nose or cough, and I couldn’t fall back asleep before I had to blow my nose again. I think I slept two different times for the length of one hour, so that made me pretty tired Saturday. When I got home, though, Brian took me to Taziki’s, where I had a yummy Greek salad. He made me try these pork chop things he always brags about, and I’ll have to say, they were pretty good. After that, we went to Casey and Sheena’s to watch a sweeeeet movie called Grand Torino. NOT! That movie sucks! It was relaly funny, though, because we laughed lots at how lame it was. In the meantime, Sheena and I kicked some Text Twist butt. We left kind of early so I could go to bed.

Today, we woke up and went to Sunday School and church. I haven’t been able to focus very long lately or concentrate well, so it was hard to pay attention or make sense of things sometimes. I think it’s from the medicine I’m taking. Let’s hope so, or my mind is going bad already. Anyway, after church, Brian’s parents took us to eat some sweet Mexican cuisine. When we got home, Phella and Guy brought me and Sheena both a free bike and helmet! Score! They’re both purple, so we are going to match like perfect friends. You will be jealous.

Oh, and Brian and I tested the bikes out by riding them around our street. They work! We also found out that it’s super fun to ride on our street because of a couple of hills we have.

Tonight, I finally got Brian to bring up Rock Band and Guitar Hero, so we played that for a little while. We’re a little out of practice.

Tomorrow is work (boo), and I have to go to a meeting tomorrow night to tell around 200 people what Walk/Bike/Carpool to Church Month is. I’m scared! I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to say. That isn’t why I’m scared, though. At least I was told I can leave after I’m done talking, so I will probably get embarassed, then just get the heck out of there and hope people forget about me.

I got new sheets for both our beds! They were pretty cheap, and they’re awesome! Brian even told me this morning that he really likes the ones on our bed after sleeping on them, so that’s good. The guest bed’s matches so perfectly to the walls and are so cute. I also got a new quilt to go on the guest bed, and it’s cute, too, of course.

GOOD THING: nothing planned this week except my brief talk tomorrow night
BAD THING: still have a cold, and snot is starting to really get on my nerves