Is this REALLY news? 

Since I usually tell you all about past happenings, I will switch it up and tell you of some upcoming things. This coming weekend, we are traveling to visit my parents in Georgia and hopefully making a trip to Ellijay for some apples. The apple houses better be open still! I have lots of fried apple pies to eat, cider to drink, and other goodies in store. The weekend after that, we are either a) going to the lake with friends, b) going to Berry College for Mountain Day, c) going to a bluegrass festival with the Pattons or d) undetermined. The next weekend, we are leaving for the beach with Brian’s parents and hopefully deep sea fishing. I hope the weather cooperates! The last time we tried this, a tropical storm thwarted our plans. Oh yeah – in the middle of all that, our anniversary is October 7! Yayyyyy I love Brian.

My breath is seriously gross because I just ate some weenies and cheese.

If anyone knows of someone looking to buy a sweet home, tell them our condo is up for grabs!

GOOD THING: made some more magnets
BAD THING: just tired