Yay for long weekends! Brian & I took off work Friday and gave ourselves long holiday weekends! Wednesday night, I had band practice, so we got the party started on Thursday (actual holiday). We woke up, packed, and drove to my parents’ house. Later that day, we had family time and food at my grandparents’ house. My uncle and cousin also surprised everyone by coming into town from North Carolina earlier that week, so it seemed more special that way. Also, my other cousin that we don’t see much drove up from Atlanta, too! Cora played in front of my family after warming up to them, and everyone basically stared at her the whole time because they don’t see her much. She didn’t like that in the beginning, but she got over it since she’s such a ham.

On Friday, Brian, Cora & I met my friend Misty for a Mexican dinner to chit chat. It was good even if Cora dribbled cheese dip EVERYWHERE. I must add that Cora is OBSESSED with my mom, her Grandmama (mommom for now). She even woke up screaming Friday night/Saturday morning and ended up hollering for Grandmama. We could not calm her down, so I actually woke my mom up at 2 something in the morning to help get her back to sleep. It worked.

Saturday, we stayed half a day and then came back home. It rained all weekend, and it REALLY rained on our way back. We were able to hang out with Ann that evening, which was also great because Cora had been asking for Ann for about a week, too. We got some CFA for dinner so I could give Cora a bath, unpack and wash diapers before bedtime instead of spending our whole evening at a restaurant.

Sunday, times were back to normal! We went to church and sang some of my favorite songs to sing there, and then I had lunch with Sheena at Whole Foods! We also bought some groceries. The toffee/sea salt chocolate bar I bought is amazing! 

Do I really have to go back to work???

GOOD THING: safe travels
BAD THING: Cora will not stop asking where Grandmama, Ann & JoJo are ALL. THE. TIME. At least she loves them!