Here are some highlights from my weekend:

  • wine club! 10 girls got together (that mostly don’t know each other) to have fun together while tasting 8 kinds of champagne (this month’s theme) and pairing them all with 4 different foods – stuffed mushrooms, onion tart, vanilla pudding with dark chocolate chips, and cheese filled strawberries dipped in chocolate. fun times! sheena was there, and casey hung with brains while we had fun. i guess they had fun, too.
  • lazy saturday! cora thankfully let me stay in bed until 10:30 for once. we woke up some, but i didn’t actually get up for good until then. we did go out to eat that evening with brian’s parents since it was his dad’s birthday. brian worked under the house a lot trying to rid it of some mold and mildrew created from a leak we had. thanks, brian!
  • sunday – church was good. we got baskits for lunch. i went to target that afternoon, and i got 4 new dresses and some other things. i couldn’t find anything i wanted to get for the house, but the dresses are a good thing! finally, the whole mezzell clan went on a run sunday evening – cora was in the stroller, and i held choxie. it was fun and felt good!