At work, we get an extra day off during the year in addition to our regular vacation days, and there’s a list you can choose from. This year, I used Veterans’ Day!

Here’s what I did:

~woke up & took Cora to Brian’s moms so I could have a free day!
~came home to shower
~watched 2 episodes of Modern Family
~went to Target where I got an awesome new floor lamp for our living room! I’ve been looking for around a year, and I finally found a good one. I also bought Christmas lights and some other things.
~tried to go to the library and the bank, but they were closed, duh
~breezed through K-Mart & the Salvation Army to no avail

~came home to do laundry and watched 3 episodes of Parks & Recreation

I seriously can’t remember what else I did, but it was a great day! I shouldn’t have waited 2 weeks to post about it.