In September, the Mezzell family took our first family vacation! That’s a milestone! Forgive me since you probably already know all of this. We went to Destin, Florida, and we also took our moms/Cora’s grandmothers. Their names are JoJo and Grandmama, actually. Choxie also went! That’s another first for us.

It was absolutely THE BEST weather and water I’ve ever seen there. It was perfect!

ImageIs that gorgeous turquoise, shallow, perfect water in Barbados? Fiji? NOPE! Just a little place called Destin right here in the US of A.

Cora was a rock star and loved the beach, being in the ocean, playing in the pool, and going out to eat. She wore her sunglasses and her hat with little rejection. On two days, she didn’t get in any water because I figured she could use a break, but after her break, she loved everything. Our moms were AWESOME help to have.

ImageShe learned this sweet move while we were there. I think it’s her wave to people (or dogs). She’s slowly stopped doing it, but she was doing it all the time there, and she’ll still do it sometimes.

On Thursday, we took a special time away to play with Choxie. We drove over to Panama City Beach to take her to the doggy beach!

ImageChoxie liked sniffing sticks and stuff out of the ocean, and she also rolled around on some bright green plant matter from the ocean. She did a few weird, spastic hops on the sand, and then she plopped down to lay there and smile. She must’ve had fun sniffing and testing out the sand!

Our wedding anniversary is just a week after we came back, and we usually take off for a long weekend for that, but since we just went to the beach, we will not this year. This can count since it’s so close. So, here’s a pic of us on our quasi-anniversary trip!Image


A major thing to note is that Cora let us drive all the way back without stopping! That was a major accomplishment for 4 hours +.