I have a lot of it. I seriously hope this beach trip will help relieve some of it.

In other news, Cora was diagnosed with an ear infection Saturday morning. It was said to be the early stages. Thank GOD it wasn’t worse than that because I don’t know if we could’ve handled letting it get 2 more days ahead of us. I think she is almost better now. She just has a really snotty nose now, and that’s pretty gross.

I am super pumped that Trey Hill is officially a Trinity UMC employee as of today. Our music at Contact (not to mention the sermons and services in general) is excellent now. It’s all been out of this world lately. One might even say – heavenly. tee hee

I met a new couple at our picnic after church Sunday, and they have great potential to be new friends. She is pregnant, wants to do cloth diapers, has short hair and a nose ring – NOWHERE NEAR AS COOL AS SHEENA, THOUGH – and they said they were “musical” – I don’t know what they do yet, but we’ll see. They’re neat, and I will talk to them again.

Cora is so close to crawling! She also has 2 teeth now even though they’re not in all the way.

I got my new camera in the mail yesterday! I am wondering if someone stole it before. I can’t think much about the camera being gone because I’ll cry. It’s full of every picture I’ve taken since I found out I was pregnant. Even though almost, if not all, the pics are on my camera, it just seems sad to not have them anymore. Hopefully, it will still turn up.

Publix’s dulce de leche ice cream is THE BOMB.