-woke up too early after basically not sleeping again last night
-Brian made delicious biscuits for breakfast as usual. I had mine with honey. I will have another tomorrow!
-played with Cora
-tried to nap, but it didn’t go well
-cleaned some
-Brian installed Cora’s new carseat. I’m excited!
-went to Artwalk with Brian & Cora. We missed a lot of stuff apparently because we’re morons, but I’m okay with that. We’ll try again next year! I bought a piece of art for Cora’s room, and the artist happened to be someone I recognized from another event earlier this year, so we chatted a while! We’re buds now in my head.
-successfully wore Cora during our whole outing. Thank you, Jesus, for letting her like to be worn now.
-dinner at Tecate, the best Mexican restaurant around our house
-folded lots of laundry
-wrestled with a crying baby for a really long time because she didn’t want to nap
-waiting to feed said baby before I go to bed because she wouldn’t eat much today, so I know this sleep won’t last.