This weekend. Here’s what happened:

FRIDAY: After work, I took Cora to visit Dad at the office! She was in a great mood and made everyone laugh! Friday night, we went to New York Pizza with Nathan, Kam, Henry & Amelia! It was delicious and fun. I ate a whole pizza and could’ve eaten more! Cora also sat in a high chair for the first time – not just on top of one in her car seat! After dinner, we went home to rest a minute, and then I went out for a run with Kam. YES – after eating a whole pizza! I run really well after crazy meals, it seems. ANYWAY – I walked to Kam’s house to wait for Nathan to get home so she could go, and we headed out. Out of nowhere, I realized Choxie was way back behind me, and her leash had broken! She was sniffing in someone’s monkey grass THANK GOD because she hadn’t realized yet that she was free. I ran to her really fast and basically sat on her to make sure I had a good hold on her because a motorcycle was coming, and she HATES motorcycles! I knew she’s run after it and get hit probably. All was well! We called Brian, and he came to pick her up. Finally, after all that, Kam and I made it all the way to 31 and back. We walked more than we had planned, but we had some chatting to do, and chatting while running isn’t as easy! 🙂

SATURDAY: I already don’t remember. Crap. What I do know is that at dinner time, we went to visit Drew, Vaughan & Sam! We took them dinner – Hamburger Heaven at their request. He’s so tiny! He smiled for me, too. Cora is a GIANT compared to him! I swear we did more good stuff on this day, but I have forgotten.

SUNDAY: Church! It was good as always. Nathan’s a great preacher, and I sang, and Brian played drums. Fun stuff. Ms. Phella watched Cora for us, which she loves to do, so good times all around!

All weekend, Cora has been so sweet and hilarious. I love her! She’s fussy right now because she’s going through a developmental leap and possibly teething, but any time other than fussing, she’s amazingly cute and sweet. Awww. It doesn’t help that she finally stopped waking up every 1 or 2 hours like she did for a few days. We back to 4 hours or so, and I can handle that!