Today was pretty good! It was my busiest day of the year, but it really wasn’t even that bad. I actually think today was better than any day I’ve had in the past 2 or 3 weeks!

After work, I came home to find Brian in the living room with his long lost friend, Craig! We haven’t seen Craig in 2-4 years – no one can remember, haha. He’s basically a transient rock climber with a fascinating life and tons of stories. Anyway, he messaged me online to say he was in town for a few days and wanted to catch up. Sweet! He didn’t stay long, but we did find out he wants to come back early next year and stay a little while. That would be rad!

I went on a run today. I went farther than before, but I walked two times. I think that’s still a success! I could’ve pushed through, but I was avoiding nausea.

We went to dinner at Tecate with Brian’s parents for his birthday tonight. We went to YogurtLab afterward! The salted caramel flavor is dee-lish!!! Cora and I danced to some Bob Marley there, and then she got sleepy, so we went home. It was almost 9! I think I got a couple of those “they’ve got that baby out too late!” looks, haha. She went to bed right on time, though!

It was a good day. Word.