Brian is an awesome dad! I’m not going to do a post on how great he is at being a dad with specifics, but because he’s great, I want to do a post to tell you how Father’s Day went this first time around.

Cora posed for some pictures so I could put together 2 frames full of pictures for him to take to work. Here’s a sampling!

This isn’t one that was used, but you can get the idea, and it’s funny because she’s rolling around with the heart in this one. I had a moment of not wanting to plaster her face on the blog, so this picture takes care of several things.

He also got a new plaid Patagonia shirt because he loves plaid short-sleeved button downs, and Patagonia is his favorite company because of their commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Ask him sometime!

His card was one of the signs I used for photos that said “I *heart* Dad” folded in half so that was on the inside, and I decorated the outside with markers.

Anyway, we went to church together, which is a nice thing to be able to do on Father’s Day. After church, we went to eat a Mexican lunch at Sabor Latino. That evening, we went to his parents’ to see his dad and have dinner (Donato’s delivery).

It was a good day!

GOOD THING: Monday is behind us.
BAD THING: headache/felt weird today