I have let too much time pass since the last holiday, and I can’t remember what I did! Here’s what I remember.

I had a lot to do before Memorial Day weekend, so my hopes were to have NO plans over the long weekend, and we did just that! I wanted to get stuff done around the house and just hang out, which I did. I did some housework, bought a few things we needed, went on extra walks with Cora & the dog, and just had some lazy fun. Friday night, Brian’s mom and sister were busy, so we couldn’t get them to watch Cora for us to go out even though we needed a break BAD after a tough week. However, we let them do that on Sunday night, and it was awesome! We had a gift card to Carrabas, and we never go there, but we should. It was delicious! I ate SO MUCH FOOD before we went to Target and bought ice cream for ourselves. I got Starbucks vanilla bean cream. We went to church that morning even though most people weren’t there, and we did NOTHING on Memorial Day! That means no cooking out, no laking it, no anything. I only got out of my pajamas that evening to go get some food! It was great.

Casey will appreciate my forgetfulness because I cannot go into long detail.