That’s a good name for that sitcom since it’s about parents and their baby.

Cora’s always been a good sleeper (in my opinion). I’ve been told several times that around 4 or 5 months, the sleeping gets all crazy again. Well, 2 nights ago, I got up 2 times with her, which is odd. If she even gets up during the night, it’s just once. Well, last night, she woke up FOUR TIMES! I ignored her the last time, and she went back to sleep, but it still woke me up. She ate some the first 2 times, and she just went back to sleep after I put a pacifier in her mouth the third time.

The craziest part is this (2 things):
1. I am no more tired after getting up 4 times than I was after getting up 2 times with her the night before.
2. She is SO FREAKING CUTE AND SWEET in the mornings that I don’t even care how much I’ve been up. Now, if she’d woken up crying, it could have been different, but she was so adorable and smiley this morning. It was heaven! 🙂