That’s what I refer to Choxie as when she’s being bad. Lately, she keeps sneaking outside with things that are for Cora! It’s always either a burp cloth or the bulb syringe for her boogies. I then have to go chase her around the yard to get them back – especially the boogie bulb. I just made that up.

Anyway, today, she got one of the nicer burp cloths we have, went outside, and I could NOT get it from her. I decided to just let her have it. She was having SO MUCH FUN bucking around like a little horse shaking it all over the place. I couldn’t bear to stop her. Plus, Brian and I decided we didn’t like that type as much as we thought we did. Choxie prevails!

That dog has also been a fly killing machine around the house, which is awesome. However, the reason there are flies in the house at all is because THAT DOG wants to go in and out so much, I just leave the back door cracked open when the weather agrees. Plus, I can hear birds chirping that way, so that’s nice. I rarely ever have a TV on in this house anymore during the day. I’m loving some silence and natural sounds.

GOOD THING: Cora is having a happy day.
BAD THING: I’m waiting around to see what work things about my newly proposed schedule. Pray for me!